Armwrestling on Warsaw Tattoo Convention

At our convention you will have an out of the ordinary opportunity to face with the champions of this spectacular sports discipline. They will arrange a real tournament with awards for you.

SPARTAN RYMANÓW Sports Club was born on February 1st, 2012. It works to this day, and maybe the work experience is not such admire, but about the results, it can say proudly. Recalling the situation of the last days, where the club player and founder Grzegorz Nowotarski "Wally" performed in the international arena, at the European Championships, which took place in Azerbaijan in the BAKU city, and can say proudly about the very good results stated of 10th place left hand and 9th place right hand. But that's not all of what the club may be proud of. Jakub Rejchel "Guziec" this year's Polish Champion of Amateurs and winner of many other successes of a lower rank. As you can see in the pictures, the number of diplomas and medals shows the class of players in this club. We invite everyone to try your own strength with the best and maybe get into the swing of Armwrestling passion.