WIJ on Warsaw Tattoo Convention

The lyrics in Polish language and the specific retro resonance come across as the band that could successfully perform in the 70s in Poland, on one stage with the Breakout band or Grupa Stress.  

Texts about glowering Proto-Slavic deities, aliens, deathly phenomenon of nature and deadly machines will move your imagination into the orbit and strong, raw sound will let you jump out of the sarcophagus of every-day reality.

The band consists of:

Maria - singing and fencing with the word. You  may know her from other bands: The Real Gone Tones and Modernmoon

Drums are managed by Miko, a participant of such pranks as Ztvorki, Coalition, Elvis Deluxe.
The composition is complemented by a baritone guitar in the hands of Palca, who played in bands such as Soulburners, Snowgroomers and Tony Clifton.