Madrugada Flamenco

This is doubtless the first this type of musical project in Poland. The band was awarded during the 27th International Folk Music Festival MikoĊ‚ajki Folk, gaining a commendation in the Open Stage competition for a phenomenal presentation and accurate cultural fusion in 2017.

Through the debut album "Sombra" (from Spanish - shadow), the artists show the beauty of Polish folk music and the amazing energy flowing from flamenco. This project builds bridges between seemingly only far-distant worlds and aesthetics. The artists emphasize in this project that it is worth reaching to our roots and draw from them inspirations, as well as combine traditional music with new trends and stylistics. Madrugada regarded as dawn emphasizes that dualism is the keynote of the album because the project combines two musical worlds and there is always a bit of light and a bit of shadow. This is a completely new, unusual combination that creates a unique project with its own distinctive sound and message.